late nite banter

slept an hour or so, now i’m awake.. figured i need to download some of my thoughts here.. have been doing home improvements on an old house.. found out recently it was built in the ’40s.. it’s a house that i lived in when i was 8 to 10.. that was 25 years ago.. to get the walls perfectly smooth could take a lot of time.. doing some spackling.. doing what i can..

so what’s on my mind? reading about ubiquitous AOL in the new issue of Wired and thinking about my personal insight that I have a regular need to connect with people, most importantly at the heart- to-heart level.. going through the motions of life and work usually leads me to the path of emotional shutdown and demotivation.. if not genuine authentic soulish conversation, i can sometimes settle for a substantive intellectual dialogue 🙂

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