last week California

I’ve been in California for most of the past week, have enjoyed a relaxing time in a very mild climate, hittin’ the beach several times (and getting my shin scraped a little due to my initial clumsiness), and seeing my son Jeremiah ecstatically enjoying the tide rolling over his little toes(!).. we also enjoyed Jamba Juice several times, and over the weekend, ventured down to San Diego to soak in the sight there, and spent yesterday at the world famous San Diego Zoo (yes, we saw the baby panda Hua Mei, and got lots of pictures of the polar bears). It has been a good week to rest, and to cruise around in a Jeep Cherokee rental.. and I also drove cross-town to UCLA, hoping to find a friend there, and to have my hopes dashed when I found out they were on spring break.. but it was a nice campus, and I treated myself to a smoothie. God has been most gracious– breakthroughs often seem to be preceeded by excruciating pain and struggle.. our home church is in the tail edge of a transition, changing from founding pastor to the next, changing worship space and office space, changing from pastor led to elder led.. these are certainly exciting times.. and the adventures continue.

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