Kyle’s Film

Christmas time is the time for family memories and traditions, along with the year-end rituals of reminiscing. I’ve had a low-key kinda deal here in Southern California with my wife’s extended family.

One family that undoubtedly has many mixed emotions is the Lake family, who had lost their beloved father, and their church lost their beloved pastor, Kyle Lake, back in October 2005. I’d never met Kyle in person, but my friend Gideon Tsang did. Some filmmaking friends put together a tribute to him, an artistic film titled Kyle’s Film, which serves as a memorial to Kyle Lake, his family, and his life. It explores the very words of Kyle, “Love God, Embrace Beauty, and Live Life to the Fullest.” I’d get the DVD, which has the 6-minute film, plus 2 trailers, home video footage, and UBC footage. All profits from Kyle’s Film are going to the Kyle Lake Memorial Fund- a fund that provides for family needs and his three children’s college fund.

Just found out a new cut of the film was made for SXSW and will be made available soon — stay tuned at their blog.

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