Korean hostages held by Taliban in Afghanistan

Eugene Cho has been keeping up with the latest news on the Korean hostage crisis in Afghanistan via Korean news media, perking up some interest among blog readers and getting some web traffic spike (#85 on Top Posts on WordPress.com 7/29, #99 on Top Posts 7/30, #28 on Top Posts 8/03, #45 on Top Posts 8/06). I don’t read Korean, so I can’t track the Korean media on the latest news, so I’m grateful for Eugene’s links, relevant commentaries, and call for prayer. We’re into day 10 at the time of this writing.

One blog has noted The Silence in the Godblogosphere is Deafening. Yes, this kind of thing doesn’t generate a lot of chatter nor media attention. Why? B/c they’re Christians, and b/c they’re not Americans. And, in a shame-based culture like Korea, even with the best of citizen journalism, opinions and editorials don’t seem to be buzzing on the English side of things — don’t know if there’s buzz on the Korean language web world.

Found 2 other blogs tracking hostage news: Jawa Report has been actively blogging about the Korean hostage crisis. Michelle Malkin is keeping had it as the lead story (cf. second murdered South Korean Christian hostage); muddlingtowardmaturity has been blogging the incident.

[update 8/01] Wikipedia entry collaboratively has the latest info at
2007 Taliban-seized South Korean hostage crisis

Michelle Malkin’s op-ed piece: The Martyrs No One Cares About (8/01)

US news wire services AP and Reuters is the main source of news that gets distributed

(AP) Afghan Army Prepares for Military Action 3:55pm EDT
(Reuters) Korean hostages alive, Afghans warn of operation 4:11PM EDT

[update] Korean papers Chosun Ilbo and The Hankyoreh have English editions with up-to-date news:

Chosun Ilbo >>

Taliban Deadline Passes, No Word on 21 South Korean Hostages (8/01)
Korea Warns Taliban to Stop Atrocities
Video Shows 12 Korean Hostages in Captivity

Taliban Kill Second Korean Hostage (7/31)
Devastating News From Afghanistan
We Must Save the Remaining Hostages
Hostage Crisis Calls for Reason, not Passion
Ex-Taliban Speaks Out on Hostage Negotiations
Taliban Denounced Around the World
Roh’s Security Advisor to Deliver Hostage Message
Korean Muslims Plead for Safe Return of Hostages
Video Shows 12 Korean Hostages in Captivity
Korean Hostage Tells Media of Group’s Plight
Second Korean Hostage Speaks to Press
Korean Missionaries ‘Rethinking Ambitions’ – Time Magazine

The Hankyoreh >>

Abductees’ family members send letters to bring loved ones home
Female Korean captive interviewed by Reuters identified as English interpreter
Roh’s envoy meets Afghan president to ask for help for early release of hostages
Pastor Bae’s bereaved family calls for U.S. to support release of other hostages
Concern for hostages’ health rises

65,435 69,922 70,177 have signed this petition, they’d like to reach 70,000 [ht: superhua] – sign the petition now >>

To the Taliban leaders,

Please honour the code of the Pashtun people, respect aid workers as guests in Afghanistan and release all hostages unharmed.

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No Responses

  1. Steve K. says:


    We’re praying for this situation at SIM (Serving In Mission), and I just posted a YouTube video from July 21 that was created as an appeal for prayer. You can view it on my Kingdom Journalism blog:

    The silence is a bit deafening, as you say. Global Voices Online has been posting some interesting links to local reaction, but it’s all in Korean so I can only read the English summaries which are usually very brief.

    Did you see this TIME magazine article? (It’s not very positive of Christian missions in general):

    Steve K.

  2. dj,

    thanks for bringing this to our attention. We will pray.

  3. djchuang says:

    Steve, there’s a good discussion starting up about that TIME magazine article about missionaries over at http://nextgenerasianchurch.com/2007/07/28/camcorder-missions-ouch/ , where I expressed my hermeneutics of suspicion on the journalistic enterprise:

    What mainstream media is particularly gifted at is raising awareness and exposure to the minority who have a divergent opinion or less-than-noble motives. It’s as if the media has its own mission to get contrarian opinions and perspectives about any and every issue, which unfairly puts every perspective on equal footing and equal weight.

  4. Stacy Harp says:

    We cover Christian persecution every single day, not just for this case. You may want to bookmark the persecutionblog.com 🙂

  5. djchuang says:

    Stacy, thanks for the diligent on-going blogging as an advocate for the persecuted!

  6. Eugene says:

    let’s keep spreading the word. the media won’t help so we must bring this to the consicousness of the larger community.