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Blogging has to be an act of freedom for me, not of obligation or compulsion. I accumulate more links than I blog about, and will try this new format for the day prior to the predictable weekend web-traffic lull.

Met up with Ken Liu (the pastor) this morning. He blogs over at We chatted about ministering to an ethnically diverse community. Not to be confused with 2 other Ken Liu’s I know: the lawyer or the engineer. I’m sure there are many other Ken Liu’s around, but not as many as Grace Lee, so many that they made a movie about women bearing that name.

Korean Churches for Community Development (KCCD) hosts the Annual Mental Health Conference For Faith Leaders on May 21st in Los Angeles. Keynote address “Faith-based Leadership in Fighting Stigma” is a far better response to the Virginia Tech tragedy than apologies, fasting, or memorial funds – in case you can’t find event info on website, download registration form. Also, nice video/audio story of KCCD Founder Hyepin Im over at .

38 Pitches – Curt Schilling’s Official Blog – I’ve wished being a pitcher, but don’t have any giftedness for it; Curt pitches for the Boston Red Sox and blogs actively, got over 500 comments to his public apology for a Barry Bonds remark on his radio show [ht: Micro Persuasion]

Don’t blame hip-hop for society’s sexism – CNN editorial piece by Jeff Johnson, a BET correspondent and one of the most compelling presenters at Q Atlanta 2007 – he rightly traces sexism’s roots to cultures far older and larger than the hip-hop subculture

Green Is The New Wedding White – vintage wedding dress, minimal paper, turn leftover trash into compost..

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    what about Mark Foo, Yokusuna, my pastor who is Philipino, also Phil Kim CEO of

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