Keller crazed

[a lost entry reconstructed]

I struck gold while googling tonight. Found an extended transcript of a number of Tim Keller‘s messages – labeled as: KELLER ON PREACHING IN A POST-MODERN CITY: Preaching To Create Spiritually Inclusive Worship.

particularly like this sound bite: “In general, periodicals are more
important than books.” This is in the context of how to keep up with
trends and the cultural pulse, so that you can speak in an engaging
manner and enter people’s stories (my words, not his). And, I do like
magazines more than books.

[updated: the source is actually The Movement e-newsletter of the Redeember church planting center, where it’s online more colorfully as part 1 and part 2;
and lots of other great articles by Tim Keller that’ll need to be
deep-linked at my Keller page one day. While over there, also found DECONSTRUCTING DEFEATER BELIEFS: Leading the Secular to Christ, after all, Jesus is the ultimate deconstructionist] [thanks to Chad]

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  1. Anonymous says:

    [reconstructed comment thread]

    Comment from:
    Chris [Visitor]
    Nice article, thanks for doing the legwork. Hope all is well in DC. Let me know if your in Raleigh, we can do coffee?

    01/27/05 @ 23:28

    Comment from:
    D. Goodmanson [Visitor]
    I really like a lot of Keller’s stuff that I’ve heard/seen. I went to
    their site to listen to more of his sermons. I found an mp3 that I
    wanted to listen to and…THEY WANTED TO CHARGE ME. I’ve got to say
    this made me want to turn over some tables. I’m sure glad Paul didn’t
    charge people to listen to him preach. Ok…I know I’m just one voice
    of protest. But am I wrong?

    01/28/05 @ 21:37

    Comment from:
    djchuang [Member]
    Goodmanson: I’m not one to judge the rightness or wrongness of your
    protest, but here’s one consideration — a tape/cd/mp3 service is not
    charging you to hear him preach, but it’s the recording of that
    preaching, and to cover the cost for production and distribution.

    To say it another way: someone has to keep the lights on, pay for food
    to feed the preacher, and the staff and/or materials to reproduce tapes
    & CDs + mail out about 10,000 of them, and/or web servers to host
    the mp3 files. How would you do it?

    01/29/05 @ 11:08

    Comment from:
    D. Goodmanson [Visitor]

    This isn’t a big deal. I know things cost money,
    it just comes back to a philosophy of ministry. I’m all for getting
    everything out free if it’s the gospel. If the church sees it as part
    of the ministry/mission I hope their tithe covers it. I can’t imagine
    it doesn’t. Tapes/CDs I understand the charge, mailing costs and all
    that makes sense. But if they need help finding a host for the mp3s I
    can find something for cheap to host 4GB worth of stuff. $2.50 seemed a
    little too much.

    Know this is the gross stuff about church, discussions about money and all.

    02/03/05 @ 19:49

    Comment from:
    djchuang [Member]
    Let’s do talk about money. 🙂 It’s been said that Jesus talked more about money than heaven and hell, so it’s good to talk about money. I know talking about money is taboo in certain circles, but it’s sorta upside down from how it ought to be.

    Yes, you’re right on, it comes down to a philosophy of ministry. Some
    churches do get the gospel out for free, and see it as a part of their
    ministry. Some churches cover their costs for resources. Some churches
    charge market rate for resources, and use the profit margin for
    ministry purposes [this is Redeemer’s philosophy]. (and a few churches
    seem to use their profit margin for personal gain) $2.50 is the going
    market rate for MP3 downloads, if and are
    good indications.

    02/04/05 @ 08:44

    Comment from:
    D. Goodmanson [Visitor]
    Well we’re knee deep in money talk.
    Every Christians favorite stuff…Ok. Redeemer feels they should
    charges people $2.50 for ministry purposes and $2.50 is the market
    rate. That’s the peace they have with that. My church charges nothing, we have a guy who sends free Bibles to anywere in the world to poor people for nothing (, we want all/any materials to be free to people. But we are small potatoes (non-Dole spelling) compared to Keller.

    A man I have tremedous respect for, John Piper, also gives everything
    away for free. Free mp3s, free books online, free everything. From what
    I understand he doens’t take a nickel of his book profits, but gives
    them back to missionary work and missions.

    Maybe NY is different as the commerce capital of the world. Maybe
    charging $2.50 creates a perceived value on the mp3s and so Redeemer is
    actually creating a greater demand.

    Thanks for your thoughts, I’m off to the EmergentYS conference…

    02/04/05 @ 10:23

    Comment from:
    D. Goodmanson [Visitor]
    Not DOle but Dan Quayle. I just got out of bed a couple hours earlier than I normally do and I need my cup of coffee.

    02/04/05 @ 10:26