keeping a finger on the pulse of culture

Culture is always changing, some faster, some slower. I’m one who loves ideas, not as an avoidance of real world real-time life, I hope that’s an accurate assessment. I find myself often thinking about interplay between Gospel and culture. I confess I need help moving from thinking to action. Lots of help.

Tim Keller (at Dwell Conference last week) mentioned a super way to keep a pulse on culture, especially for a New Yorker(?) — check Arts & Letters Daily. Every day it has book reviews, opinions, and essays.

So it’s looking like another action-packed month for me. I have this propensity to cram lots of activities together. Have a compulsion to stay active. Though yesterday, found myself sleeping more hours than usual. With that much going on, I’ve not kept up with the blogosphere conversation for over a month now. Get a glance occasionally at twitters of live stream tweets. No heady Arts & Letters Daily either.

This week is the move, and have to do much apartment cleaning too. Then a quarterly staff meeting in Dallas next week, plus UYWI 08 – Urban Youth Workers Institute conference at Azusa Pacific University. At least the latter is within driving distance.

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  1. DJ,
    Great thoughts…especially considering how quickly your life is moving right now!

    In the same vein as Arts & Letters…I’ve been enjoying reading collide magazine and its webstie/blog to keep up with trends as well. There are several other similar magazines, too, that I can’t think of right now. Tim Stevens listed them in his resource section of “Pop Goes the Church,” which is also a great read.

    Thanks for your twittering and your constant processing of what you see around the country. Those of us who can not be as mobile appreciate the dispatches from the front lines.

    As i think of you this coming week I will pray for energy and efficiency in your move. And enjoy the drive to Azusa…pretty country.

  2. Thanks so much DJ for keeping us up 2date on the pulse of culture. Posting your thoughts is action. and inspires so many of us to action. Don’t fall for the trap of thinking you’re a reservoir…you are a mighty river with tributaries flowing in and out. Keep it up!