just saw a great movie,

just saw a great movie, 13 Conversations about 1 Thing.. I love dialogue! I think it was a real portrayal of a slice of life, and so it feels true of what life is like not just in the city, but everywhere too.. for some it’s hard, for some it’s easy, for some it’s random, for some it’s routine. The letter kills, but the Spirit gives life. Don’t get stuck with law and order, go for mercy, grace, and freedom. Oh, and don’t be a Smiley Bowman – life is more than blind optimism. 🙂

Received my new Jabra EarBoom Winder today, as I do like using my cell phone, and have had difficulty finding one that fit well and one that the person I’m talking to could hear me on.. I liked the Jabra Earboom, but the wire got tangled all the time, and then the mike broke.. so while surfing the other day, found this new model with a built-in winder to keep the wire from detangling, and this web site has it for just under $30 including shipping. Delivered promptly, and using it now, very happy.

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