Just returned from a whirlwind

Just returned from a whirlwind tour to three places in the past two weeks, will take a few days to slow down to let my body recoup.. was in Winchester for T’giving with my ‘rents, and slow down from the big city life in the small town country lifestyle.. we enjoyed wonderful foods for the few days there, and i ran on my high school track for both mornings, reminescents of the ol’ days (not that I was a runner back then, or ever, but that I did go to that high school)… the Raleigh trip was a driving trip for business, and got to visit with a friend over dinner, who now has two young’uns, and that keeps them homebound pretty much most of the time, except for a special occasion like to meet us for dinner out.. it was very good to be with my whole family for the entire time, with my wife Rachelle and my son Jeremiah (now 4.75 years old) [read his account of this trip]

Then a flight out to California, to visit the my wife’s ‘rents (aka in-laws), and a forum in San Diego, which came together by the sovereign and gracious hand of God, as He put together something in and around a dream I had about for at least 4 years, and it was 7 years in preparation; and all the while, I didn’t have a clear sense of what was going on, nor could I do it.. you have to understand, I am not a type-A obsessive-compulsive driven get-it-done kind of a person, so I’m not going to make things happen.. yet this is a testimony to the power of God, that even with the faintest of a Kingdom vision or passion, and realizing that I had weaknesses and handicapps and didn’t have it together, that God can (and did) bring the right people along, orchestrated the right circumstances, and in spite of me, we had a most affirming and wonderful event that proved to be a powerful blessing to all who were present. May the lavishing of God’s grace be a great transformation for all. All of this was so much a God-thing!

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