Julie & Julia movie about a blogger

Would you believe they made a movie based on a blogger? Yes indeedy!

Watched a movie on a date recently. I wanted to let the movie speak for itself. I did not go read up on all the reviews and view the trailer and read the Wikipedia entry and pre-release buzz. The neighbor was kind enough to let our son hang out. The movie? Julie & Julia.

And wouldn’t you know it… a movie about a blogger! A blogger who writes (types) for an anonymous audience. Over time, the audience grows. The bloggers’ confidence grows too. The blog entries get edited and supplemented into a book. And if that book gets lots of eyeballs too, then maybe it can become a movie. Here’s a link to Julie Powell’s original blog, Julie/Julia Project. And her current blog.

It took all of my restraint from elbowing my companion, since I’ve been a blogger since 1999 myself. Not that I’d want to have a movie made about me or anything.

Aside: The people that comprise the world’s market will reward (pay) for what they find valuable (be it entertainment or service or product). And for the rest of us who have value that doesn’t quite sync up with what the market price will bear, we still have value, lots of value. Just that it doesn’t translate into cash.

real Julie Powell   photos-of-movie-julie-powell

The real Julie Powell and the movie Julie Powell. Note that the real Julie Powell loves to use a lot more colorful language: “… I really ought to warn you about the language. I happen to believe that curse words are vital parts of the language, and I write accordingly. If you are not one of those people, you’re probably not going to be thrilled with J&J: The Book …” cf. Surreal is the new normal.

When will they make a movie based on Twitter?

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7 Responses

  1. Imei says:

    DJ, I just saw Julie and Julia this week on Monday. I had read all the reviews, knew what it was about. I also have a copy of "Mastering the Art of French Cooking" 40th Anniversary edition. Frogman and I were laughing hysterically during the lobster cooking scene (with Talking Head's "Psychokiller" song).

    I think there should be a movie about Twitter and other social networking people like you and I.