judgmental, hypocritical, & boring

An oldie but goodie- I had been a sneezer of an ideavirus for the past year that the leading adjectives that non-Christians use to describe Christians are: judgmental, hypocritical, and boring. Who wants to be around people like that?! That’s mostly punditry I heard somewhere I can’t remember, but it sure feels true, sad, but true. It helps a little bit to substantiate it, and let the statistics speak. So here it is, from a 1992 survey done in Charlotte NC by Mecklenburg Community Church. One basic question: “Why don’t you go to church?” Number one answer on the survey-says: “Churches have too many problems.” (81%) The reputation of the church among the unchurched is in shambles. It is believed that churches are inflexible, hypocritical, judgmental, and just plain mean. One man in the survey said, “I have enough problems in my life. Why would I go to church and get more?” [published in NetFax with permission of Dr. James Emery White]

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  1. kevin says:

    Maybe it’s because a lot of churches are inflexible, hypocritical, judgemental, and just plain mean? Not all churches. I know quite a few good ones. But, enough churches & enough people in our churches really are mean and vulgar toward “outsiders” to justify the reputation.

  2. amen!! american radio these days is so mundane. full of ads, sugary pop, and meaningless lyrics. you’re so right… the hypocriticaldisclaimer.com about it is not only full of soul, but also true, raw hearts pouring out love like no other- often found nowhere else but there.
    the organ music is what presents it.