JP teachin’ the Bible

bloggin’ these sermon notes from the Cyber Cafe’, while John Perkins delivers the Word at CCDA 2003

most organizations don’t survive or lose focus by the 2nd generation.. what causes that? “ungrateful” and “unthankful”.. those are 2 signs of people turning away from the truth [in an organization, the original intent and vision, in God’s kingdom, from the Word].. people are like sheep, and they follow the leader.. it’s always the leader who turns away from God..

CCDA is a different kind of organization.. not a hierarchy.. to activate the church.. to mobilize the church at the local level..

the Gospel is the love of God lived out.. people have to see our good works.. faith and works together.. Christian conversion is a new life, experiencing a God who loves you [and in response] live your life in gratitude for God saving you.. love and obedience are one and the same.. “love of God” becomes “loving God”.. then you know for real that you love God..

(from Psalm 116) God always hears, is always listening to the prayers of His people (v.1).. we need to keep that sense of humility (v.6)..

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