joy and capitalism compatible?

[a lost entry reconstructed]

“You put peanut butter in my chocolate!
You put chocolate in my peanut butter!” Can personal joy & delight,
strong work ethic, and capitalism really be compatible? Virginia
Postrel’s reading of Bolles’ classic “What Color Is Your Parachute?” think so.

This sound bite is from‘s blog entry Finding Your Calling, excerpted from original submission to NYT Book Review article:

message makes Parachute not only practical but intellectually
contrarian. Protestantism, claimed Weber, divested work of its earthly
delight, making it purely a religious duty. Capitalism, he continued,
“has destroyed” that delight “forever.”

What Color Is Your
Parachute? is an extended, market-grounded argument that Weber was
wrong. A century after The Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of
Capitalism was published, the best-selling book about job hunting is an
explicitly Protestant guide to finding joy at work.

read (portions of) a previous edition of that book, I find my joyful
work to be elusive of capital, b/c an underlying assumption is that the
real world (marketplace) wants to economically & financially reward
me for the kind of work I love to do. Not so, when the stuff I love to
do is not measurable outcomes or deliverables; yet I would like to have
measurable economic gain. 🙂

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