Join 1000s of worship leaders at NWLC KS 2012

Next week in Kansas City (Leawood, to be exact) is the National Worship Leader Conference, where 1000s of worship leaders will be coming in from almost every state in the US of A and probably a dozen countries or more around the world! Follow the conversation via the twitter hashtag #nwlc12 .. I’ll be there!

For those who’ll be there, who are you happy to see? And for those who aren’t able to make it, you can get a Virtual Pass to livestream all 3 general sessions with some of these worship leaders below, 3 select workshops, and more! Who would you be happy to see – click on the thumbs-ups (powered by Ranker) [if you see an error message, go directly to poll>> ]

NWLC KS 2012 Worship Leaders

[disclosure: I work with Worship Leader Magazine, host of the NWLC]

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