John Wayne Airport WiFi – latest info

While I’m waiting at John Wayne Airport (SNA, aka Orange County Airport), it’s possible to connect up to the Internet via WiFi. No free WiFi hotspots (yet?), but there are several pay options.

// [update 6/15/10] There is now ad-supported free wifi at SNA via SSID=JWAFREEWIFI //

Here’s the SSID list that showed up via Wireless Network Connection:

  • tmobile
    this T-Mobile hotspot is located between Gates 7 and 8 at food court — costs starting at $6 or monthly subscription starting at $19.99, cf. subscription info; WiFi signal broadcasts from United Red Carpet Club
  • JWA WiFi or JWA Hotspot or Nextphase Wireless
    hotspot throughout terminal — costs starting at $1.89 or monthly $14.89; operated by NextPhase Wireless Hotspot; tech note: security certificate expired on 8/8/2007
    hotspot throughout terminal — costs starting at $1.49 or monthly $14.89; operated by; tips: best signals near the windows facing the runways b/c antennas located on building rooftops next to large fuel tanks across runway + use strongest signal among SSIDs: or 2 or 3

Where are the power outlets? (outlets are often harder to find than WiFi or internet connectivity)

  • opposite gates 8 and 9, behind post between Caterina’s and Sunglass Hut
  • opposite flights board/ gate 5, on wall between store and exit
  • opposite flights board/ gate 10, on wall between Hudson News and exit
  • [update 12/1/08] now there are long outlet strips between the rows of seats along the windows of gates 7 and 9 — look for the green outlet sign

other John Wayne Airport info:

[This entry is a note to self, and for others who search for this info. I’ll keep this updated.]

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  1. blair farley says:

    i spent half a day at the oc airport trying to get to dallas one time… i learned that the power outlets are between rows of seats…. they are hard to see and not labelled… but sandwiched between some of the rows of seats is a bar with power running in it.