Jews a chosen people

Q: Does God have a “special” heart for the Jews? In what ways is the Jews special to Him? Isn’t that like playing favoritism?

ePastor >> God is accused of favoritism, and depending on how loosely you define favoritism, then, yes, God does play favors. I’m not going to try to explain away things that seem to be there in Scripture, for those who are convinced that it’s there; but here’s the question: even if it is really there, that God plays favors, what does that mean? What conclusion do we respond with? One way to look at it is, that God had to start with one people group, or one ethnicity, through whom He would be born in the person of the Messiah Jesus Christ. Most ethnicities have a value of lineage and descents and family trees, and God honors that, and seemed to have worked within that framework. And if you were an ethnologist, you’d realize that Abram was a “called ethnicity”, that Jews did not even exist until God spoke to Abram and he obeyed. All other ethnicities trace their lineage to Noah’s sons. So in this sense, the phrase “chosen people” probably fits the best.

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