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The other night, an old friend and I, along with our dear spouses, relected on how our lives and who we are today was shaped by something that happened 15 years ago.  In a split second, we had injuries that would mark us for as long as we live, and invisible scars from losing 5 that were, just previously, sitting and laughing next to us.  My friend asked me, “Can you imagine who you’d be today if the accident didn’t happen?”  We talked about what we remembered, I learned things that I never knew about his injuries and his struggles, and he learned about mine.  We talked about those we lost, how we remembered them, the strength of the families, the strength of the survivors.  We talked about the constant need to live up to being spared, never being satisfied.  And, after talking about it, I felt its release.  Pain was present that evening, but so was incredible joy.  God is good.  God is good.  God is good.

5 from Dallas area die in church van crash, 10 hurt in accident with cement truck
Author: Todd J. Gillman Staff Writer of The Dallas Morning News
Publish Date: June 9, 1992
MINEOLA, Texas — Five Dallas-area teen-agers and adults were killed and 10 others were injured in a fiery crash Monday when a church van was broad-sided by a cement truck, authorities said.  Texas Department of Public Safety officials in Tyler said the van ran the stop sign and was struck by a Transit Mix La-farge Corp. cement truck…”


[this is good]


[this is good]

I was seven when that happened, and I remember everyone coming to church to cry and pray and hug.

I think God loved all of you that were in the accident and protected you in different ways. Some he needed to see right then. Others still had work to do here on earth. It doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to live up to something huge, just because you were “spared.” It does mean that it’s all the more apparent God is going to accomplish something amazing through your life – maybe even just by your living and breathing and blogging ;).

Thanks for posting. Here is some love. 🙂

I just realized that Isaiah was born on that day (after reading John’s wife’s blog…) Did you realize that before?  Rather strange. No wonder the Fangs sent so many gifts for Isaiah. sigh.   Give me a call. Would love to talk.

Aw, thanks. That’s very sweet of you. Well, this little girl definitely was a bit camera-shy at first, but I just… babble, haha. I often wish i were a funnier person, so I can crack jokes or something. A friend gave me a suggestion yesterday, though – pretend you’re a judge on America’s Next Top Model so that when you “boss people around,” they think it’s a game. That seems like it could make life easier in future! 🙂
It’s been 15 years.  It does makes make me long for heaven more and long for more here.

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