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?.. yes boys + girls, I?ve been bloggin? for a while on Blogger.. and as I?ve just switched web hosts, I?m contemplating a change some time to the whole web site, thinking about pMachine or Moveable Type to really rev up all the indices and link content here.. I much prefer web-based editing than HTML?ing it, as I?d done for a number of years now, since 1998 I think (according to archive.org).. several other bloggers have noted their 1-year anniversary as a blogger, and I send my hearty kudos to them.. welcome online!

I got a comment on my blog entry re: the war, and asked that I speak to it + sort out the mess.. here?s what I wrote him::

I don?t know what is really real or true about the whole Iraqi conflict. From reading the broad range of opinions and ?journalistic? reports, if consensus can be the best discerner of truth, then here?s what we can conclude so far, and the rest is still up for grabs:

1. Saddam Hussein did many horrible and atrocious things as a totalitarian dictator to the Iraqi people.
2. war is a terrible, terrible thing [and I would not say it is either better or worse than dictatorial oppression]
3. a number of innocent deaths and injuries, as well as military deaths and injuries have occurred, which is tragic, and will result in bitterness among some on both sides
4. people will favor a particular perspective or side, based on their own political priorities or value system, and who they choose to believe or doubt

Having been in pastoral ministry, and served as a church elder as well, things like this are particularly complicated, and we deal with people who want either (1) easy black + white answers, or (2) throw it all into mysterious complexitiy and view everything with skepticism. sigh.

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