it has been a flurry

it has been a flurry of activities the past few days for me, to improvise and adapt the binding contract at a hotel for an event that is now postponed due to last-minute cancellations by participants, and to turn it into a different programming with a whole new crew of invitees.. on the one hand a lot of fun, b/c I love networking, and making this small world just that, but the negotiations part to get a little more leeway in how much I can pull together was making my head spin.. imagine that! i speak thus obliquely since i work with a somewhat sensitive audience who may want to keep a low profile, so don’t poke around too much, even tho’ i do reveal quite a bit here on this web site about myself. If you know me personally, you might fire off an email to me and I’ll see how much more we can talk about, and if I tell you, I can’t shoot you, b/c I don’t know how to handle firearms, yet.. have a friend who’s supposed to take me to the firing range one of these days, but his company has been chaotic for months now, most recently laying off something like 50% of the staff incl. CEO.. corporate craziness all over, but this one didn’t make the headlines.

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