Is emerging only Western?

Question >> Is the emerging church going to be primarily a Western European, US, Canadian, Australian/NZ), educated, urban, caucasian thing? How is emerging church culture “emerging” in the Two-thirds world?

djchuang >> this is the exactly question beginning to be raised in the emerging conversation, which has largely been represented by the Western surburban educated Caucasian world. See blog today by Jen at in reaction to Andrew Jones’ thoughts on it – who is one of the leading voices in the emerging topic, and also at Emergent Village’s message board

Another angle on it – minorities are even more marginalized and fewer in the emerging conversation [there’s Rudy, Karen, Andre, me, Sivin, that more quickly come to mind] than they are in real life, but they’re not quite completely absent. 🙁

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  1. Sivin Kit says:

    well … the “minorities” which are in the “majority” world often don’t speak so much I guess … and often because in less developed countries or developing countries like Malaysia there’s 101 things grabbing for our attention. But the good news is some of us are trying. For that, I’m grateful!

  2. enoch says:

    did you see this?
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  3. Gary Manders says:

    Excellent Blog site and thanks for raising this important question. As sister and brothers in Christ we need to be learning from every ethnic group, so bring on the dialogue and lets learn and grow together. I shall enjoy the dialogue.

  4. Joe says:

    Thank you for raising such a great question. You have given my quite a bit to think about.