intimate coffeehouse conversations

now that I’m wired up for the next year, via T-Mobile Hotspot subscription, I hang out even more at Starbucks, and the acoustics in this particular one off Rockville Pike makes it a bit louder and energetic.. and not wanting to listen in and overhear conversation, I can’t help avoiding the sound bites.. a good number of them are rather intimate and personal conversations, and I won’t divulge any topics here or anywhere, other than this commentary, even words like ‘confidential’ was overheard [hmm.. wouldn’t you make a confidential conversation at a place where you wouldn’t be overheard!?], and the classic it’s-not-you-it’s-me, c.f. Seinfeld..

ahhhh.. the essence of life, and overburnt coffee beans.. soothing to my soul, great way to close out a day filled with many conversations as I hung out with people in Alexandria at NFLC, in Rockville at a lunch buffet, and a coupla engagin’ phone calls.. also recently read recently in Fast Company that Starbucks is launching a Hear Music thing, where you can burn your own music CDs, think iTunes meets Tower Records plus lattes. (their quote, not my creative sloganeering, or lack thereof)

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  1. rudy says:

    starbucks “hear music” – they have one in santa monica, it’s crazy