Internet 101 slides + video clip; next week at Saddleback

My UYWI08 workshop yesterday went well, I think. The Internet 101 workshop introduced 5 web tools using non-techie speak: website, blogging, email newsletter, podcast, and social networking. About a dozen people attended. The well-equipped room had (a very slow) PC and projector and (one button on/off auto-retract) screen all built-in the APU classroom (Duke 106). This is not the kind of class room I grew up with — I like it. For the technology alone, I would be open to the idea of being a teacher, even though teaching is not my top talent (I think).

Max Torres used his handy-dandy Flip video camera (equipped with flip-out USB port!) to record parts of the workshop – here’s the 1st 6 minutes – on YouTube. That Max is one seasoned techie, 1st introduced to personal computers back in CP/M days. My own intro was with the TRS-80 in my high school days. And here’s the workshop powerpoint slides.

I (attempted to) used my Olympus digital voice recorder [256MB version; I actually have the WS-320M; both have built-in USB:: no messing with gadget cables] to record the audio for the workshop, but the battery died about 30 minutes in. I’m using a new work laptop, so all my software + customization is gone. Taking longer than anticipated to rebuild, so posting the audio may take a few days amidst other real-life activities.

Aside: next week May 20-22, Pastor Rick at Saddleback Church hosts an unadvertised invitation-only pastors conference. Some are even calling it a “stealth conference.”

I’m in the midst of had successful negotiations with the organizers to get access. A most impressive speakers lineup! [ht:] [update: so, I’ll be live-blogging from the PD Network Summit over at the Learnings @ Leadership Network blog — sign-up there for a reminder]

PD Gathering panel speakers

Mark Batterson will be at both this PD Gathering conference AND at The Whiteboard Sessions in metro Washington DC! Don’t know of Ben Arment has a private jet to get him cross country in a jiffy. Mark, I love sweet tea too! Perry Noble is bi-coastal conferencing too. [update: got Twitter direct message @ 1036am Pacific that Ron Sylvia is bi-coastal conferencing these 2 too; 5/18/08 – Tony Morgan will be there with live webcasts from the green room with speaker interviews + links to the previously private conference website *ahem*]

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  1. Bumble says:

    Man, lucky you and your dream job 😉

    At least I am lucky to get to follow your tweet.

  2. djchuang says:

    Bumble, and you’re lucky enough to be within driving distance of me so we can hang out. 🙂 Come to my Memorial Day BBQ & Open House here in Aliso Viejo — we’re open all day! Bring your family too!

  3. how was Jentezen Franklin? saw him in the list of speakers… did you hear him speak? I read a book by him that I liked.

  4. kingsley says:

    i attended your workshop and came away a bit more informed. i appreciated the interaction and you allowing others such as max torres to have an input as well as anyone else who had some ideas. i have since gotten one of the flip phones. i haven’t tried it yet. one of the ideas you gave about using wordpress as a webpage is still puzzling to me. i think i have to purchase the upgrade. well keep up the good work. wish i lived in your area. i wud come for some bbq. 🙂 God bless.

  5. djchuang says:

    Hello Kingsley! A great example of using WordPress for a website is my friend’s website at – as you can see, it looks pretty much like a website.

    To do this, login to, enter content as “Pages”, and set one of those pages as your front page. To set a page, go to “settings” (on right side of dashboard), then “Reading”, then for “Front page displays” – select “a static page”. Click on “Save changes” and there you go!

    In the example, the front page is set to display the “about’ apge.