Innovation3 Gathering starting soon

My blogging forecast: very light for Tuesday and Wednesday. The prevailing westerlies bring in everyone for the Innovation3 Gathering starting up tomorrow Tues 1/27 at 1:00pm Central. The adrenaline has already kicked in for our staff. Tomorrow will be off the hook! Close to 900 church leaders will be in the mix, with lots of room for great conversations that will shape the future of the church.

10+ other bloggers will be covering Innovation3 — see the list over at + Rhett Smith is planning to be live-blogging using CoverItLive (!)

Last time I’m touching the laptop:
djchuang on laptop

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5 Responses

  1. LeadHership says:

    Pastor Troy is speaking there!! And my man, Raul, is with him. Learn lots but have fun–theres a lot of cool leaders gathering under one roof.

  2. Steve K. says:

    Wow, DJ, were you really blogging from the “Prayer Room”? I guess that's Prayer 2.0 then, huh? 😉 Wish I could be there to hang out with all you innovative church people!

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