information overload

Question> OK, here is my question. In this crazy world packed full of info, how do you keep up with it all and make the right choices in what to read? How on earth do you have time to read all that you must and still maintain a website and relationships? that’s my challenge…and my question.

djchuang>> Your question is a good one, and I don’t know how to explain how it works for me, in terms of how I sort through information, and how I keep up with relationships.

We all have 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We each make choices (actively or passively) on how to use that time, given the energy and interests we each have. I think the underlying distinctive for me is that I have the energy and interest for these 2 things: relationships and information. And so I make time for it, or I gravitate towards using my time for these, without much planning or thinking. I’m not a planner. I don’t know how other people use their time, but apparently I’m unique (and odd?) for being so into people and into information.

As for the overwhelming lots of information that’s out there, well, rather than asking what is the “right choice” to make in reading or selecting information, I’m more of the persuasion that information is data, and I collect it anyway I can. The filtering and processing and evaluating of that information comes after I collect it, and that’s where your morals and values can come into play.

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