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[a lost entry reconstructed]

Today I finished reading Blog : Understanding the Information Reformation That’s Changing Your World by Hugh Hewitt of,
an A-list blogger depending on which A-list you reference. The book is
a good read, and makes a compelling case for the undeniable influence
of the blogosphere. I would not have spent the first 100 pages making a
case of bloggers’ influence in mostly politics, and the media’s
coverage of it. The world is much bigger than the world of politics.
And upon reflection, perhaps the leading topics of interest for blog
readers anyways is probably that — politics — and technology. Looking
at one A-list, those 2 topics look most popular.

The University of Georgia newspaper article, Biased Bloggers Buoy ‘Rathergate’, was cited by but apparently deleted (but the dangling RSS entry)
and called Hewitt on the mat for being “incredibly biased”. Not being
into politics, so be it. Knowing that’s part of Hewitt’s engagement
with the world, I’ll grant that he is doing well in terms of growing
successes and is forthcoming with his “bias”, which MSM is not so
forthcoming about.

Hugh recommended a handful of other notable Christian bloggers:,,, and, indicating to me that my preferred blog circle of,,, are of a different realm, or you might say, a new kind.

So while blog surfing over there, came across an active back-and-forth topic about choosing who is the most influential American not working in goverment. The spat has gone back and forth between Hugh Hewitt and Josh Clayborn. (and John Reynolds also weighs in). I weighed in over at EO and went with Rick Warren b/c of his best-seller Purpose-Driven Life,
thinking on the spot that implied in the question was the most
influential “Christian” not in government. But I did not like having to
be pinned to naming one person; there are lots of top influencers. I
much prefer a longer list of influentials, like Time Magazine’s most influential people of 2004 or Time’s People Who Mattered in 2004 – which does include Rick Warren.

And, for the record, Webber went with Brian McLaren in The Younger Evangelicals, for most influential in evangelicalism.

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