in the name of Rudy 2

I’m at a conference here on my home turf today and tomorrow, the annual DMA nonprofit conference. It’s largely direct mail in experience and perspectives, and there’s slow adoption to the online world and how that’s all rolled up as a part of an “integrated” “multichannel” communication tactics & strategy. Website is plentiful, on the level of web presence, and a few solitary mentions of blog, text messaging, and podcasting. Sigh. The hotel basement where the conference activities mostly are located is not tech-friendly– no cell phone coverage, no free wifi. Had to surface for air, airwaves that is. Good thing there’s a Starbucks with Tmobile Hotspot 3 doors down.

And then, can you believe it happens again. Last October, someone walks up to me and introduces herself in the name of Rudy. Today, after the networking session for nonprofit professionals, Tim Lash walks up to me and introduces himself to thank me for fixing Rudy‘s blog! Blogs do connect people across the miles, eh? I wonder if people will reciprocate to Rudy using my name? He sure gets out more than I do, headlining events and magazine lead articles on a monthly pace these days. 🙂

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  1. Rudy’s definitely a door opener.

  2. MaxT says:

    I actually got in the (National YM) door through Rudy as well – but DJ you have also been a Web 2.0 (global) inspiration for me as well.