I’m not smiley. what about orphans.

It ain’t easy being me. Like Michael “Internet Monk” Spencer, I am not the consummate smiley yellow happy face. They have stickers and t-shirts for that.

Excerpted from iMonk’s Laugh or else::

I am not the smiling guy. Preacher or not, I’m not a perennial grinner. …

I don’t get Joel- the smiling preacher- Osteen at all. In fact, watching Osteen’s endless grinning makes me want to break things. …

I was taught to sing “I’ve got joy joy joy joy down in my heart,” but most of the time I don’t feel like it’s my job to look at my students, many of whom have fairly rotten situations they deal with in their families and personal lives, and cheerlead them in a bouncy soundtrack. …

And these good folks who want me to smile more? God bless them, but listen: it wouldn’t be the work of the Spirit. It would be the work of the flesh entirely. It would say something that’s not true, preacher or not. ….

I often wonder why I haven’t had more opportunities to minister in local churches. Then I stop and watch the local religious television stations with the local pastors holding forth in mountain style, and I listen to the area preachers on radio and sometimes in person…and it’s not really a mystery why I’m not preaching in one of these churches.

And, Anthony Bradley’s right on point with, Why Does America Have Orphans If It Has Christian Churches? This is where being missional rubber meets the road. [ht: stillhaventfound.org]

America has nearly 115,000 orphaned kids in foster care waiting to be adopted. Some wonder how this is possible in a country with Christian families. Surely, there are 115,000 missional families in America, right? Missional families, for example, embrace the redemptive mission of God and practice “true religion” in their local communities (James 1:27). Missional Christians in America could eliminate the foster care system tomorrow if we would stop “shootin’ up” with the American Dream (heroine) in order to get high on a lame life lived for the sake of comfort and ease.

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  1. Scott says:

    Thanks for the link to Anthony’s article. Honestly, I’ve asked the question in the face of the millions that are spent on infertility treatment, especially by Christians.