I’m a multitasker

my latest self-discovery is the particular mix in me, as I consider what it is that makes me tick and think and do and don’t do.. I’ve found that I have a great _capacity_ to do lots of things, as indicated by an ability to multitask, while on the computer, and in many parts of life, with the assistance of my Palm III, and even as I make this entry, I’m listening to an online sermon, and playing Yahoo! Hearts.. even tho’ I can do a lot, I find that I don’t want to do a lot.. I seem to be low on _motivation_ when it comes to things and tasks; yes, I can do them, and do them well, but I don’t feel like doing so much, be it to achieve a certain career, or position, or title, or degree, or fame, or accomplishment.. and what I do find that I _value_ and am motivated for is authentic genuine relationship, ones where there is dialogue at a heart-to-heart soul-to-soul level.. as a friend calls it, a person’s heart is holy ground, and we shall tred carefully.. how all of this aligns is the latest challenge to my soul..

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