ideas, people, & insomnia

I’m addicted to ideas.. 🙂 lined up 3 meetings to hang out with people on Wednesday, and loved the engaging dialogue.. on occasion now, I get to actually meet in person a fellow blogger, and while a few conversations were blog-related, most of this conversation was life related.. blogging (it seems) can only capture a glimpse of life, particularly for those who have a lot of feelings and thoughts going on in their life; which is to say, some people have more going on than others 🙂 One of the convs was about personality types, and I’m persuaded that being borderline on the Myers-Briggs T/F scale, I’ve developed a lot of thinking skills (and that’s prob a huge contributor as to why I’m a web developer), yet have lots of feelings too – yes, I’m among the male minority that enjoys talking about feelings and psychological categories..

I’m pondering about becoming a friend of Emergent Village, and here’s an interesting commentary about it from their newly redesigned site:

Pay your yearly contribution. We’re sorry that the language below talks in terms of “purchasing.” It’s pretty strange to talk about “purchasing” friendship. Please understand that this is one of the weird realities of working with software programs.

Let me say this that it’s just plain weird that it takes money to do anything in this world and economy. I guess if it weren’t for money, then it’d be bartering.

I’ve been up since 4am.. actually, been awake lying in bed since 2:40am, and decided to get up so I do something more than stare at the ceiling in the dark while waiting to get tired, but now it’s 6:30am and i’m still not, so i think i’ll stay up and make a day of it. On the calendar- tonight is my boy’s Christmas pageant at kindergarten, it’ll be professionally videotaped so parents don’t go camera crazy all over the place, what a great idea!

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