iced venti cafe con leche

My Starbucks‘ summer drink of choice has been the iced venti with room Americano, and I’d usually add a swig of Half & Half + 1 packet of Sugar in the Raw. I can’t believe the many hot drinks that are still being served into the summer, but to each their own. But, just last week, discovered a new drink on the handwritten blackboard by the barista’s espresso machine: iced cafe con leche (pronounced: lay-chay). Delicious! More milky and sweeter than my usual, plus a hint of cinnamon. Reminds me of the cinnamon dolce latte, but icy cold. Gothamist and Gawker noted the new drink during a 2-hour New York City promo 10 days ago.

[update : whew, my iced venti with room Americano doesn’t count as a controversial ghetto latte]

I was tagged by Goodmanson to talk about my favorite books. I’ve read more than my share of books, easily past the 2 books a year that the average American reads, but I haven’t been reading books lately, so I’m going to pass on jumping in with this meme. At least I was tagged in good company, with the likes of Mark Driscoll. 🙂

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  1. Ok, but you only get one get-out-of-meme card. jk. I usually pass on these as well…

  2. Marta Gillilan says:

    Hi- just checking this blog out. Very interesting. mvg

  3. steve scott says:

    It suddenly struck me, after going to the Goodmanson site, and a few other listings…that i never see C Norman Kraus’s book `The authentic community’ mentioned. Maybe I’m not digging deep enough, but behind/before the whole `continuing conversion of the post evangelical/missional/emergent'(etc) church stand the insights of Kraus’s book.Anyone else read it? Eerdman’s early 70s.

  4. auschick says:

    you really must check out Dol Cezza’s in Georgetown before the end of the month for free affogato!

  5. djchuang says:

    Steve, I’ve not heard of Kraus’ book (but then again, I have a hard time thinking of a book title from the 70s, j/k). Are you thinking of the title “The authentic witness: Credibility and authority” ? Kraus does get quoted in Julie Gorman’s “Community that is Christian” and in a recent Allelon article at (Allelon is emergent-friendly). My guess on why Kraus’ doesn’t get more mention is b/c the book is out-of-print or hard to find, but his insight (at least Gorman’s quote in the Allelon article) is brilliant.