I spoiled my surprise

got an email newsletter for local best bets in entertainment, and I roared to my wife that Jerry is coming to town in July! And instead of rejoicing with those who rejoice, she wailed ?No fair!? and that I ruined her surprise, that she was going to surprise me, as a birthday present, but forgot to get the tix when they first went on sale, and now one of the shows is sold out.. she is so wonderful.. btw, this is the 2nd surprise that I?ve ruined, the other attempt was an early night out for our anniversary, and we were going to see a postmodern play, but now she?s going to Cali with our son Jeremiah for family vacation, to see her family..

I was feeling all knotted up today, after making a couple of phone calls that felt like cold calls, to invite some people to a special event.. I?m not one who?s able to turn it on and be suave and persuasive, and it took several hours after work (sans strong drink, this time) to loosen up..

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  1. deanne says:

    At least Rachelle can keep a happy secret from you. Whenever I try to surprise ThunderBoy, I end up spilling the beans early… on purpose, no less.

  2. kevin says:

    If it were up to my wife, I would not be allowed to shop, browse, or even speak for 2 months leading up to my birthday because I’m always ruining her gifts.