I prefer restaurants with local flavor

My wife Rachelle made me blog this. I’m not going to turn this blog into a foodie one, though I do subscribe via Bloglines to DCFoodies.com (loved his write up on Joe’s Noodle House), Tyler Cowen’s Ethnic Dining Guide, and Bethesda Rookie (who often talks about food).

Rachelle delighted in my excitement this week over a couple of dining finds with local flavor, and actually on occasions than not, we eat at franchised places all over like most people. While in Annapolis to attend her art show reception, we meandered over downtown to Chick & Ruths Delly for some great sandwiches. No, it doesn’t really compare to the real-deal piled-high delis of New York City, but it was very fun dining and local flavor galore. Then we’d usually swing by the Annapolis Ice Cream Company to visit with the penguins. Both on Main Street, downtown Annapolis.

And today, we (finally) made the pilgrimage to the place to eat in Washington DC: Ben’s Chili Bowl on U Street. I had the Ben’s Original Chili Half-Smoke, while the rest of my family entertained my pick begrudgingly. Hey, they said I could pick where we’d have lunch today, and I picked it! Not to grease up my arteries too badly, I skipped on the tempting cheese fries and thick milk shakes. Yes, I gawked at the photos on the wall of Chris Rock, Bill Cosby, Bono, Denzel, Danny Glover, with accompanying elbows to Rachelle for each one.

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  1. Daniel says:

    Ben’s Chili Bowl is fabulous. The chili half smokes are fantastic and the next time you go, you’ll definitely have to give in to the cheese fries.

    Michelle and I decided to pass on Chick & Ruth’s last night because we were both still in the seafood mood (even after a seafood feast earlier in the day). If you’re ever in the mood for sushi, you should check out Kotobuki on MacArthur Blvd (http://www.kotobukiusa.com/). Don’t let your notions of dollar sushi or the small seating area dissuade you. The quality is always great and the wait fairly short.

  2. auschick says:

    mmm, ben’s chili bowl is great! i especially like going there in winter :-). Hopefully off to Annapolis early august – will have to check out those other places :-). And, thanks Daniel for the sushi tip – will have to check it out.