I love New York City!

I love New York City!
But it’s a little harder to love when it soooo coooold.. Went out from our hotel stay, just around the block, didn’t find my Starbucks, and went back in to thaw.. So here we’ll stay until lunch, when we’ll venture out again.. Meanwhiler, Jer watches kids WB and after I blog, I’m putting on an extra layer a la longjohns underneath.. (blogged using Vagablog @ Treo 600)

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2 Responses

  1. scott says:

    i agree. nyc is a great city. was there in november and it was definitely the coolest place i’ve ever been. i would especially love to live there. soho or east village would be great. or, 5th ave. if i had 55 gazillion dollars. 🙂

  2. Imei says:

    Never cry over not being able to find a Starbu(i)cks. Hold a greater vision — an Uptown Espresso, with more foam than you can handle, and Zagat rated coffee drinks involving the zest of an orange. Dream big, buddy! (but keep investing your money in the stocks)