i (heart) church

church i (heart) church is so often a love and hate kinda thing, and on the whole, i love church, in some of the same way as Christ loves the church.. particularly, I like all the new things and different things that churches do.. less so the traditional and mundane routine things that many churches do.. had a conversation about “what is the church” recently, and we scraped the milky way, about church being any one of these: the universal invisible church (everyone that is allegedly going to heaven), a local organized church with 501c3 tax exempt status, a house church, even when 2 or 3 are gathered (to which i could not sign on to call a church).

In this particular blog post’s context, I mean church as the worship services and programs that a church puts together, to serve God and people. I’m unusual in that I prefer a wide variety of worship styles and expressions, whereas most people seem to prefer one specific way that is comfortable to them. So a good weekend for me is to experience 3 or 4 different worship services at different churches (no, 4 worship venues at a megachurch doesn’t count.) At my church index, I list hundreds of churches, and have begun adding church directories online that list and link to thousands more.

Given my limited life span, it dawned on me that even if I could travel every other weekend around the country (that’d be one of my dream job), I’d only be able to take in maybe 50 different worship services a year, assuming 2 worship experiences per weekend, and good thing more and more churches are doing worship at other than 11:00am Sunday morning. For the remaining years of my life, maybe I’d get to experience at most 1,000 churches, if I can keep up a brisk pace. A small dent in the 400,000 or so churches in America – not that I’d want all of those anyways, particularly the cookie-cutter ones.

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