I got Gmail!

yes! oh, it is so smooooooth.. I got Gmail courtesy of my now even dearer friend Rudy, thank you buddy! I love the power, efficiency, clean interface, fast response, keyboard shortcuts, no pop-ups, lots of space, and have yet to exploit its extra features.. now if I can only afford a winning bid for a small share of the soon-to-be auctioned Google stocks 🙁

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  1. Sivin Kit says:

    hahah … hey I got Gmail too thanks to Jordon Cooper … [email protected]

  2. steve says:

    hi, i appreciate your web site, particularly your detailed section on tim keller, whom i sat under for a year while in new york. i’m a pastor now in toronto. a question: how do you get gmail from a friend??

  3. bert says:


    Gmail is being beta tested and as such is invite only. Google, and then so is Blogger is inviting their more.. active users to participate. Each account comes with two additional “invites” where the original account holder can make the invite.

    Sad thing is that you can also “buy” one of these invites via eBAY!!!

    anyway. i digress… Congrats DJ on the GMail. I find it.. like yahoo but bigger. I’m forever spamming myself (read: forwarding all my mail) so i can test out its “search” capabilities. I have also yet to encounter any of their word-based advertising.

    Additionally, I’ve decided to support a good buddy of mine, Roy Kim of Tabulas fame, by moving by blog there. You can get an RSS feed from him so your blog reader should be fine. Hope all is well.