how would you talk about homosexuality in church?

There are many issues that are not easy to talk about in an Asian context, or an Asian American context, for that matter. Asian culture’s shame-based sensitivities makes it difficult to discuss (almost) any issue for which individuals in a group have different convictions/ opinions/ beliefs. One of those issues is homosexuality, and not only because of its prominence in American society. It’s not only an issue, there are real people in the mix –it relates to many of our friends and families.

I just got word of this special event from Pastor Ken Fong of Evergreen LA . This conversation is especially for Southern California Asian American evangelical churches and they are making a short film about this for release in the coming year. From what I gather, it’s an attempt at a cordial discussion between people who have very different convictions on a sensitive issue. What do you think?

Saturday, May 10, 7:00 p.m. @ Sanctuary of Evergreen Baptist Church of Los Angeles

WE NEED TO TALK: A Conversation about Homosexuality & the Asian American Christian Church. Sponsored by the Christian Social Issues (CSI) group, an informal gathering of Asian American Christians who discuss wide-ranging social issues and how they relate to our Christian faith. Join three old friends – two straight and one gay – who will engage in a conversation that needs to happen more often in order to dispel ignorance, quell fear and hatred, and foster greater understanding. Debate about scriptural interpretation or scientific evidence is not within the scope of this dialogue. It is not our intent to resolve this highly complex issue. Though we may ultimately arrive at different conclusions, at the very least, we need to break the awful silence in our churches surrounding this subject. We really need to talk.

If you have a friend or loved one who is gay, or you are gay yourself, or you are a Christian who is concerned about this issue, please join us in this much needed and long-awaited dialogue.

[update] see a more detailed post about this event at ISAAC bulletin board for planning committee members and background

[update 2] Ken Fong is already speaking to the issue in a sermon series titled, “Is There a Place for Homosexuals in the Body of Christ?” [slides from part 1 and part 2] and blogging to the issue — see his blog posts Conviction, Upcoming Forum, and We need to talk.

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10 Responses

  1. eugene says:

    Umm, we don’t like to talk about controversial topics at our church or on my personal blog. 🙂

    DJ, it was good to connect with you again in Seattle. Blessings…

  2. Thanks DJ— keep us updated on the short film and what happens. this issue hits so close to home…and I’m betting for every Christian leader who reads you, it hits closer than we know…this underlying issue is brewing with hundreds of thousands who are struggling and are afraid to break the silence.

  3. Tim Lo says:

    funny, we just talked about gen 19 yesterday in sunday school, homosexuality and homosexual rape. and last week i spoke at a retreat and fielded some questions about homosexuality and homosexual friends/lifestyles. i was involved with this ministry,, that taught me much about the gay community

  4. Joanna DeWolf says:

    Hey DJ-
    Good to see you briefly at Q. Don’t know if you have been subscribing to Fermi Words, but April’s Short is on this topic. There’s a guy named Andrew Marin ( whose life is given to bridging this great divide between the church and GLBT community. I haven’t met him personally, but his story and much of the info on the website deeply impressed me.

  5. djchuang says:

    Hey Joanna! Great to meet you at Q as well, though I didn’t see you at the same Fermi Words post very often 🙂 Thanks for the mention of the Marin Foundation, looks like a good resource.

  6. DJ,

    Thanks for starting the conversation! I agree with you – we need to get talking about this topic in a way that is not condemning, and offers real empowering options for people of faith.

    Let us know how the evening goes…

    Love your blog- I hope to return again…

  7. btw – I was at Q too! We must have missed each other!!