How to see Twitter client used to tweet?

Twitter used to display the twitter client used in a tweet’s footer, but they stopped displaying that at for an unannounced reason. They can do that, because things do change from time to time. Some have speculated the reason being that “apps are the enemy,” or “make it feel more homogeneous,” or Twitter wants to “control the reading experience.”

Before the change, tweets had a footer that included something like “via Twitter on Web” — now it’s not on the official website or official app. (okay, so the change happened years ago, this is a late note, but it is a recent research I was doing, since I was researching, thought I’d share my answer with you to save you time.)

Find out Twitter Clients Used in Tweets

But all is not lost. The Twitter client info is available in some of the other Twitter apps and social media dashboard. This list of apps that display where the tweet came from, include:

What’s the big deal? This information is great for the curious. This info can show researchers the popularity or usages of different apps. Hey, if you want to use the same Twitter app as a particular brand or popular user, now you can find out.

(ht: sixtwodigital)

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