How to move a Squarespace site from version 7.1 back to 7.0?

Have you used Squarespace before and now things look and feel really different when you tried to launch a new Squarespace site? Apparently, Squarespace changed its entire system from version 7.0 to 7.1, and the two are drastically different. (The version number does not indicate this very well—when there’s a major change, typically a software gets a new whole number, not a new decimal.)

I’m helping with admin on and our volunteer team has much preferred the features in Squarespace 7.0 that are now missing in Squarespace version 7.1.

I tweeted out this question, “how can we migrate a site from version 7.1 back to 7.0? The new system doesn’t work the way our team is comfortable with” and got this reply from Squarespace Help—

It’s not possible to move a site between versions at this time, but you can start a new 7.0 site from here:

Personally, I don’t mind the new version 7.1 of Squarespace, but I can see how the upgrade was not very smooth (because some valuable features were terminated) and how it’s gotten mixed reviews.

How to create a new Squarespace site using version 7.0?

It’s a little tricky. When you click on the “GET STARTED” button on the Squarespace home page, it takes you to and asks, what’s your site about?

with no clue to using version 7.0, instead of the current 7.1. To create a site on version 7.0, click on “SKIP” 3 times or so, until you get to the page that shows template thumbnails. Then scroll to the bottom of the page until you see the link to access the earlier version:

How to make every menu items clickable in 7.1?

The one feature I’d like to have is the navigation menu have every item clickable to content. With version 7.1, it looks like it only allows a “folder” menu item, and opens up sub-menu items. For example, on the site, the “About Us” menu item is not clickable. When you mouse-over, the sub-menu items display, and those are clickable. Not quite intuitive to some.

Please add a comment if you can help a brother out. Thank you.