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Being on vacation, I’ve resisted making plans — I find planning to be drudgery work. So I’ve been quite spontaneous, even though that makes it hard to sync up with others who aren’t able to be spontaneous with me at the same time. Nevertheless…

Got to connect with Mary Beth Stockdale on this wetoku video chat interview today. We talked about her experience in being a part of a community with the online church, and how online relationships are just as real as their offline counterparts.

Tony Steward (’s Online Community Pastor) recently wrote a great explanation for how online church offers real ministry and engagement in response to concerns about online church. I’m glad we can also hear about the value and impact of online community from a participant, too, in above video.
You can meet Mary Beth, Tony, and others in person at Cultivate Conference on October 27th in Chicago.

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19 Responses

  1. Mary Beth says:

    Funny, the delay has us overlapping conversation. Our internet connection here always drags in the afternoon. ugh!

    Love my UNLG group! Have learned so much from them, and about them. Tony Steward is a gifted leader/teacher and has challenged us often. Group members have taken turns leading, supporting, praying. I'm always looking for opportunities to meet UNLGers in real life b/c we have become close to each other's heart online. Weekly gathering along with midweek tweets and fb messages have knit us close together. I don't know if all online groups experience that, but highly recommend you try it for yourself.

  2. Great job MB! Its been great getting to know you… both online and in person! Way to represent the UNLG! See you Tuesday!!

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