How to get up to speed on social media? 4 of 4

Staying in touch with trends is the last topic in this series on how to get up to speed on social media. (cf. part 1 for introduction + part 2 for tutorials + part 3 for strategy)

Technology is always developing and maturing, social media included. Once you’ve decided to participate in social media, it’s like staying on the treadmill and staying on pace — a pace based on your strategy.

Some of the best sources that I check somewhat regularly to keep up with new developments and trends are:

Another way to get at the trends is to browse the headlines at the magazine-rack style aggregator @

Granted, it’s probably too much for most of us to read the multiple blog posts that are made every day on the few blogs mention here. Give yourself permission to not keep up with it all. I confess I don’t keep up with all of it.

Thought: wouldn’t it be really valuable to have a source that gives you the essential trends and news on a weekly basis? Or a bi-weekly or monthly basis?

What other sources & resources have helped you learn about social media & to keep up with it? Please do add a comment.

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