How to get up to speed on social media? 2 of 4

After getting a basic understanding of what social media is, the next stage is to learn to use social media by following along with a tutorial.

There are many online tutorials that gives simple step-by-step instructions on how to register & sign up, how to setup your profile, and then how to start finding and connecting with people. Essentially, social networks are all about connecting with people.

There are basically two kinds: video tutorials and text-based tutorial articles. Here are tutorials for the 2 most popular social networks:


Facebook 101 – tutorials by GCF Learn Free

Quick Start Guide: Six Steps to a Facebook Page For Your Business (@

How to Use Facebook: Video Series (@ + Expert Village)

Quick Easy Tutorial on Creating a Facebook Personal Profile


How to setup a twitter account (@
Mastering twitter in 10 minutes or less (@
Twitter quick start checklist (@‘s tutorial: how to use twitter

Twitter tutorial – getting started

cf. Top 7 Twitter tutorials on YouTube + 30 Essential Twitter Tutorials for Newbies and Experts

This will get you started! As you get some practice navigating around each of these web apps, you will soon be ready to develop your strategy. That’ll be next.

The next 2 stages of this blog series will be: strategies, and news & trends.

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