How to get up to speed on social media? 1 of 4

Where do you get started with social media? For most people who are just getting started because someone invited you to join Facebook, what’s next? Most people aren’t veterans at this new big deal called social media or what some still call new media (academic-speak?).

With millions of articles and blog posts and and books and resources about social media, it can be daunting and paralyzing to get your hands around it. Most concisely, “Social networking is all about communication. People with common interests are able to share information with each other via a huge variety of social networking sites…

So let’s tackle how to understand social media in 4 stages, sort of a crawl, walk, run:

1. Introduction to social media. Use one or more of these to get a basic framework to understand why social media is valuable and how it works in general.

Watch this Social Media in Plain English video intro by CommonCraft :

Social Networking in Plain English

Social Networking Guide for Beginners (

How Social Networks Work (

White Paper: A Primer in Social Media (by smashLAB)

There you go! Any questions so far? How much of social media has become a part of your weekly or daily routine, beyond email, assuming email is already a part of your daily routine?

The next 3 stages will be covered in upcoming posts of this blog series, and they are: tutorials, strategies, and news & trends.

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