how to get rid of stress instantly

Stressed? This concise tip to get rid of stress in up to 85% of situations is courtesy of Bobb Biehl’s QuickWisdom:

As high as 85% of the stress we feel in life is caused by:


When you are feeling stress focus your attention on two very specific questions:

1. What three pressing decisions do I most need to make?
2. What three areas of my life feel most out of control?

Any decision you can make or area you can get under control will bring an immediate reduction in your stress level.

I know I sure need wisdom to get through this life. Common sense doesn’t come so easily for me, and I don’t naturally gravitate towards being practical or concrete. Also, using a light therapy lamp can decrease your stress and anxiety. And I usually react against oversimplistic slogans or mantras. But, sometimes wisdom comes in tightly compressed insights. Bobb Biehl is a master of incredibly focused questions that surfaces the essence, yields impact and results, and in this case, a precise insight to get to the root of feeling stressed and to help deal with it straight up.

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2 Responses

  1. Dave Lemen says:

    That sounds like good advice, Deej! I’ll give it a whirl. Narrowing the answer to question #1 down to just three will be tough. The answers to #2 are a) work, and b) this stupid research paper that I need to finish by Monday. Grrr.