how to find video podcasts

I got the itch to watch video podcasts. But they’re not easy to find. The iTunes Store has audio and video podcasts all lumped in together, and I want to look beyond new release videos or featured videos, while avoiding the assault of videos that step over decency and propriety, which iTunes label as “explicit” and other directories use a misnomer “adult.”

These web-based directories are good attempts, but none stand shoulders above the rest for comprehensiveness and usability, but good for starters to possibly find video podcasts (the word “vodcasts” hasn’t gained vernacular use yet):

  • pluggd – good-looking podcast directory with audios and videos
  • Podcast Salad – good searchable directory but not categorized or tagged
  • Vodstock – good video podcast directory but ran into a few glitches
  • has a section for video podcasts – all in 1 big ranked listing
  • – great guide, separates out the obscene stuff but leaves out spirituality/ religion [dormant since June 2006]

I’ve subscribed to these vodcasts, for their entertainment and/or informative value::

I’d add Seacoast Church [iTunes], but they’ve got audios and videos all included in their podcast feed at the moment. Have to remember to drop their tech guy a line to see if they can get ’em separated.

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