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My 2nd wetoku interview of the day. And this turned out to be Michael Trent‘s 2nd wetoku interview too.

In this video, we find out how Michael became the infamous @churchbartender and why he didn’t quite make it to The Idea Camp DC Edition in person, though he did participate with The Idea Camp via the internet. We really need to find better language than “in real life”, because people did participate online in real life, even though they weren’t physically in the same room.

To make good on the title of this blog post, I used the brand-new private-beta web app called wetoku at and conducted this video chat there. The web app automatically records the chat, and provides the embed code that you can copy & paste into your blog or website. Very very handy! No need to download and install extra software. No need for post-production.

This kind of web app is something I’ve been searching for for months. So glad someone was able to put it all together! Thank you wetoku!

[update: unfortunately, went dark and offline in Q1 2011, so this video interview is gone too]

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17 Responses

  1. RAy Greer says:

    This is so COOL DJ. I can't wait to use it!

  2. Tim says:

    Good interview! Hey, if readers want invites, there's still some available!

  3. @wetoku says:

    Hey DJ! I just got back from Blogworld Expo in Las Vegas. While I was there, I met one of your friends – Marc Payan. Marc was at the front of the line at a taxi stand… he was kind enough to let me tag along for the ride back to our hotels. His kindness went beyond just letting me tag along, though… he also paid for my cab fare! Thanks @marcpayan!

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