how many pomo churches?

According to this Seattle Times article, the U.S. Center for World Mission has been cited as saying 5,000 churches focusing on alternative, postmodern worship have been planted in the United States. That?d average out to be about 100 of these church prototypes in each state; I don?t think so, tho?.. at least not around my neck of the woods here in metro DC. I know there?s the big Frontline gig at McLean, but sure would be great to have one right in the heart of happenin? urban-suburban Bethesda Maryland. When I share the dream of a cutting-edge postmodern faith community with some others, they say I ought to start it. But at this point in time, I?m not the one who could pull it off, being the theorist & hacker that I am [okay, call me a pundit]. It takes a good practitioner to get the nuts and bolts together to make it happen.

That same article quotes Mark Driscoll saying of his preaching style: ?It?s way more Chris Rock than Puritan.? Now that?s something I can get into ? fuse together my love for stand-up comedy and substantive preaching!

came across this web site ? Godulike – An Irreverent Look at the Faith Industry ? doing a bit of comparative religions via a web portal interface. If only deciding on a faith were that simplistic. Oh, and for those looking for a remote host to enhance their blogs with comments, backBlog is open for new signups [some of the other ones fill up & stop taking new accts]

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