How Grief Connects Us All

In the May 2010 issue of Worship Leader Magazine, a new column launches by yours truly, called “DJ’s Spin.” As a magazine that’s been around since 1990,cover of Worship Leader
I’m part of the team that’s extending the magazine’s availability to an online readership in addition to its faithful print-edition subscribers.

In “How Grief Connects Us All,” I share 5 examples of how the online world is connecting us in the midst of grief:

As Internet technologies, online tools, and smartphone apps become increasingly weaved into our everyday lives, the relationships facilitated by these network tools have an integral role in our worshiping communities. This connected worshiping community is both within our local church and in the network of relationships we have with other Christ-followers in the Church universal.

And, my first column in Worship Leader is available in a variety of online formats:

While it is debatable whether print-based magazines will go through the same challenges as print-based newspapers has, there are some similar challenges being navigated. I am curious why newspapers have been hit harder & earlier by the digital revolution than its magazine counterpart. What are your thoughts?

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6 Responses

  1. Dave Ingland says:

    DJ, great to see something unconventional from you in your new role at Worship Leader Magazine…You add a great forum to engage readership!

    As for your question about print news vs print magazines, I think magazines work because they are in-frequent and unintrusive. Magazines are based on content that comes directly to the consumer without any work, except going out to the mailbox–no wading through google searches to discern what is relevant or not, etc. However, newspapers are everyday, and their content is immediate. In the digital age where immediate content is available, it makes print news almost relegated to being archival, rather than newsworthy.

  2. I used to read all the hyperlinks you have mentioned and looking forward to it..

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