How can your kids go to college without a 529 plan

As your children become teenagers, not only do you have the new adventures of her/his growing into adulthood and all that comes with that, for many it is also the financial challenge of affording college. It’s a question that’s surfaced in my own family as a parent of a teenager.

Recently I recorded this video with John Tung, who shared how his 3 kids went through college without a 529 savings plan. His kids were all born within a 38-month span, which meant he had 3 kids in college at the same time with 2 of them going to private colleges at that.

John Tung is the English Pastor at Chinese Bible Church of Maryland, so it’s not like he had the kind of salary to afford college costs. (aside: although I did overhear an unnamed source speak of an English Pastor in an ethnic Asian church with a 6-digit compensation package — a rumor yet to be confirmed)

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