how can I be trusted

Do you know me? How can you really know me? Does my sharing of my thoughts and connections for all these years here online, openly and vulnerably, give you enough to believe I’m credible (believable, trustworthy, acceptable)?? [I didn’t say you have to agree with me]

I’ve encountered an interesting call recently, from an ethnic Asian [1st generation] pastor, who was inquiring about who I was. He didn’t know me, and the people he knew (and thus, trust) didn’t know me. He was checking me out to make sure that a program that I help coordinate was legit, and not some malformed cult that would lead people astray.

Okay, fair enough, he don’t know me from Adam, and apparently he doesn’t know the throngs of people that do know me. I couldn’t very well just point him to my web site (though after the conversation, I did my share of Googling and found that he does have email). Should I show him my Th.M. degree from DTS (it’s accredited), or that I know certain seminary professors? Do I need to namedrop some big name pastors? Do I recite the Apostle’s Creed, Nicene Creed, and Lord’s Prayer word-perfect? Will a personal visit be enough? Do I need to pass a theological examination?

In an emerging culture, how does someone know and trust? And can you know someone online? (I’m of the opinion that I know some people online better than some other people that I’ve met in person)

From God’s perspective, He’d look over from His throne to Jesus, and see if He knew me and if I know Him. If He doesn’t, then I’m cooked (“I’m toast!”, to quote a friend.) [cf. Matthew 7:23] How much do I have to do? How much do I have to know? How many people do I have to know?

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  1. i feel ya deej

    why should you have to prove yourself to who?