How Asian American culture affects faith

The Asian American journey can take many directions. It’s my sense that more of them than not do seem to follow along a fairly predictable narrative, even from generation to generation.

My dear friend, Brent Wong, is a 5th-generation Asian American of Chinese descent. I sat down with him to hear his story, and he was so kind and vulnerable enough to share this snapshot of his story of discovering how his Asianness is so closely connected his Christian faith journey. Watch the video below:

(aside: you can also watch the extended version of the above video in HD and an intro that’s 79 seconds longer.)

What do you think?

Let me say 3 things before the comment thread takes this in too many directions. Not every single Asian Americans, even 2nd generation, or even 1st, will be concerned about their Asian heritage, or in later generations. 2ndly, the influences of Asian culture upon spiritual formation isn’t exclusively Asian, and there are non-Asian families where a child is not affirmed and communication is not strong. 3rdly, Asian Ameircanness doesn’t drop off to 0% by the 3rd generation, as some of people suggest, nor is a 2nd generation Asian American = 50% Asian + 50% American. Okay, time for me to pause.

And, Brent, THANK YOU for being my friend, and sharing your life with others, so that we may all experience a more abundant life in Christ.

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24 Responses

  1. greg k says:

    Hi, not sure why all of the above comments are redirecting to this page when i try to view them. anyway, just wanted to say thanks for the above video. i also left a comment for it on youtube. Very mind-opening.Brent Wong spoke volumes. God Bless.

  2. Daniel Yang says:

    Definitely a theme among emerging generations of Asians…but probably could be said of many other cultures as well.

    Interested in hearing what others think about how the gospel has liberated emerging generations from some of these negative effects, but at the same time how its empowered the ones that are God-given.

  3. djchuang says:

    @Daniel, right. The family dynamics that Brent mentioned are not exclusive to Asian Americans, and there are families of other cultures that may have similar dynamics.